Month: January 2014

In Fedora, change directory to your virtual machine’s directory cd /var/vm/win7 Open the virtual machines vmx file vi win7u.vmx Add the following entry = “TRUE” In the vmware.log file, there was this entry: 2014-01-29T13:25:00.707-05:00| mks| W110: GLManager: Required extension

Update the hardware to firmware version 2. The process takes a few minutes. The first file is the firmware loader which is responsible for installing the actual firmware update in the camera. Do not turn the camera off while updating!

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This process is very simple and takes only a few minutes. we’ve performed the fix on several cameras without any problems. This application will map out ALL the pixels if the directions aren’t followed. This application works with the Nikon

This connector pinout should work for all Nikon’s with the 10-pin port. This page is for educational use only and not recommended for implementation. Do so at your own risk.    Nikon Data Connector     Camera Voltages Wire to PC

<pre> hdparm -B 240 /dev/sda </pre>