Month: April 2015

Use grep! $ cd $ grep -rnw . -e “the string I’m looking for” Recursively search only in PHP and HTML files, but ignore java and object files $ grep –exclude=*.{java,o} –include=\*.{php,html} -rnw . -e “the string I’m looking for”

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Delete the file by it’s inode. 12345 is the inode number returned in the ls command. $ su – Password: xxxxxxx # ls -il # find . -inum 12345 -exec rm -i {} \;

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It appears the developers of OpenCATS are no longer supporting their open source project. Version 0.9.1 asks for a license key and provides a dead link. This is a solution. If they were still offering Opensource Licenses, this post wouldn’t

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Yup, another non technical post. Credit to the original, less spicy, recipe goes to If you prefer less spicy, or have puny thighs, cut the spice amounts in half. 2 tbsp olive oil (or whatever you’ve got) 4 tsp