ALOM CMT Variable Comparison

diag_level /HOST/diag level
diag_mode /HOST/diag mode
diag_trigger /HOST/diag trigger
diag_verbosity /HOST/diag verbosity
if_connection /SP/services/ssh state
if_emailalerts /SP/clients/smtp state
if_network /SP/network state
if_snmp /SP/services/snmp
mgt_mailalert /SP/alertmgmt/rules
mgt_mailhost /SP/clients/smtp address
mgt_snmptraps /SP/sevices/snmp v1|v2c|v3
mgt_traphost /SP/alertmgmt/rules
/SP/services/snmp port
netsc_dhcp /SP/network pendingipdiscovery
netsc_commit /SP/network commitpending=true
netsc_enetaddr /SP/network macaddress
netsc_ipaddr /SP/network pendingipaddress
netsc_ipgateway /SP/network pendingipgateway
netsc_ipnetmask /SP/network pendingipnetmask
sc_backupuserdata /SP BACKUP_USER_DATA
sc_customerinfo /SP system_identifier
sc_escapechars /SP/console escapechars
sc_powerondelay /SP/policy HOST_POWER_ON_DELAY

sc_powerstatememory /SP/policy HOST_LAST_POWER_STATE
States= enabled or disabled

ser_baudrate /SP/serial/external pendingspeed
ser_data No equivalent in ILOM
ser_parity /SP/serial/external pendingparity
ser_stopbits /SP/serial/external pendingstopbits
sys_autorestart /SP autorestart
sys_autorunonerror /SP autorunonerror
sys_eventlevel No equivalent in ILOM
sys_enetaddr /HOST macaddress

Procedure to set the Serial Number after PDB replacement:

sc> setsc sc_servicemode true
Warning: misuse of this mode may invalidate your warranty.
sc> setcsn -c chassis_serial_number
Are you sure you want to permanently set the Chassis Serial Number
to chassis_serial_number[y/n]? y
Chassis serial number recorded.
sc> showplatform
Chassis Serial Number: chassis-serial-number
Domain Status
—— ——
S0 Running
sc>setsc sc_servicemode false

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