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jQuery passing parameters with .load

Fill a div with data returned from a jQuery POST.  An alert on the client side displays the arriving data. Who is calling.  This data is being passed via POST. … <body><div class=”spec” id=”spec” ></div></body> … <script>$(“#spec”).load(“generic.php”, {link:”12345679″});</script> Who is

Install PhpMyAdmin Fedora 29 – quick

Prerequisites: Fedora 29 Apache MariaDB # rpm -Uvh # dnf –enablerepo=remi,remi-test install phpMyAdmin If you’re looking to log on remotely – like from a Windows machine, enable remote logins. Keep in mind everyone can access the login screen.Replace  

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Remove the same part of many filenames via command line

I have multiple files with same suffix and need to remove the suffix.

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Reset Bareos 18.2 on Fedora 29

Stop Bareos services: # systemctl stop bareos-dir; systemctl stop bareos-fd; systemctl stop bareos-sd Remove files: # rm -R /var/lib/bareos/storage/ # rm /var/lib/bareos/* Drop & create database cd /usr/lib/bareos/scripts ./drop_bareos_database ./create_bareos_database ./make_bareos_tables ./grant_bareos_privileges Restart Bareos services: # systemctl start bareos-dir; systemctl

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Install Bareos 18.2 and webui in Fedora 29 Server

Thanks to @jackson over at, with a couple of tweaks, I was able to install Bareos 18.2 on Fedora 28 Server.   Here is the original article: You’re choice of a VM or bare metal machine.  I choose VMware

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Windows 10 File Explorer not responding

If you can open folders without issue yet a File Explorer window doesn’t respond, the Quick Access cache may be corrupt. Open a Command Tool and: del %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations\*   If the problem persists, disable the Quick Access/Home view in File Explorer 1. Open File

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Make a Grayscale Image Transparent with GIMP

Open the image. In the Layers Panel, click Add Alpha Channel. If there are multiple layers, merge them together Convert it to greyscale (Image -> Mode -> Grayscale) Select-All & Copy Left click the Layers Panel. Yes, click it. In

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Missing Start Menu and Taskbar Icons Windows 7

Rebuild the icon cache (IconCache.db). Open Folder Options. Click the View tab. Select the radio button: Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Click Apply. Open windows explorer and navigate to %LocalAppData% Delete IconCache.db Open the Task Manager. Click the Process tab. 

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Recovering Data From A Partially Formatted ext4 Drive

I screwed up several times.  I usually maintain two redundant backup drives; a raid and a single 5TB drive backup.  A few months ago, a customer on a limited budget needed a high capacity raid for something-or-another.   So I told