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Here’s my simple version using System.ComponentModel; //Define a class to hold the event arguments, if one isn’t already defined. public class DesignEventArgs : EventArgs { private DesignListItem item; public DesignEventArgs(DesignListItem item) { this.item = item; } public DesignListItem Item { …

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A number of jobs I get are fairly processor intensive so I decided to take a look at .Net’s new Parallel library, wondering how performant it’d be in my (not necessarly your) environment. Implementation is fairly straightforward, with a minor …

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This hack is a quick and easy way to determine if a specific domain is loaded or unloaded. namespace AppDomains { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { string domainName = “MY DOMAIN NAME”; MySerializedData serialData = new MySerializedData(); …

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Create a single instance of an application domain. /* Dirt simple usage: * 1. AppDomain.Create * 2. AppDomain.SetData * 3. AppDomain.DoCallBack * 4. AppDomain.Unload */ namespace AppDomains { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { MySerializedData serialData = new …

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Software Maintanence

Corrective: Repair any kind of defect. Adaptive: Porting to new hardware or a different OS, without affecting functionality. Perfective: New requirements, and performance improvements. Preventive: Improve maintainability itself, refactor awkward designs and comments.

Software Development

Business analysis, software requirements co-development Architecture and design of software application Custom software application development Technology/data migration, porting of software Re-engineering of legacy software applications Support and maintenance of software applications Customization/localization services Software testing and quality assurance