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Dirt Simple C# .NET Custom Event for UserControl

Here’s my simple version using System.ComponentModel; //Define a class to hold the event arguments, if one isn’t already defined. public class DesignEventArgs : EventArgs { private DesignListItem item; public DesignEventArgs(DesignListItem item) { this.item = item; } public DesignListItem Item {

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Microchip MPLABX XC8 PIC18F2550 Timer0 example

Below is a 16-bit Timer0 example for the PIC18F2550 using the XC8 1.38 compiler. I’ve included two examples: INITCONbits and straight up INTCON. Why? Well, In one project, the XC8 compiler bitched with: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\xc8\v1.38\include\pic18f2550.h:8051: error: (1098) conflicting declarations

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