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jQuery passing parameters with .load

Fill a div with data returned from a jQuery POST.  An alert on the client side displays the arriving data. Who is calling.  This data is being passed via POST. … <body><div class=”spec” id=”spec” ></div></body> … <script>$(“#spec”).load(“generic.php”, {link:”12345679″});</script> Who is

Make a Grayscale Image Transparent with GIMP

Open the image. In the Layers Panel, click Add Alpha Channel. If there are multiple layers, merge them together Convert it to greyscale (Image -> Mode -> Grayscale) Select-All & Copy Left click the Layers Panel. Yes, click it. In

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Recovering Data From A Partially Formatted ext4 Drive

I screwed up several times.  I usually maintain two redundant backup drives; a raid and a single 5TB drive backup.  A few months ago, a customer on a limited budget needed a high capacity raid for something-or-another.   So I told

NEC PX-61XM3 Service Manual

RIP: Plasma TVs. Fantastic resource for those looking for a troubleshooting guide, board level repairs or just a plain ol’ board swap. Parts are available from: ElectroParts Warehouse 310-971-9249 They have excellent customer service and a surprising stockpile of refurbished

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Automatically Turn On A D‑Link DNS‑323 After Power Failure

A couple of customers have a few of the Rev A DNS323 Arrays as backup drives. Unfortunately, the Rev A and Rev B arrays don’t automatically boot after a power failure.  It’s rumored the Rev B guys can use the Alt-F

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Install the Adafruit FT232 Python GPIO Library and libFTDI in Fedora 25 26 27

Adafruit has a great write up on using the FT232 breakout board with Linux.  Unfortunately, its not for our branch of Linux. Here’s how to get the FTDI and GPIO libraries installed on your machine.   Install libftdi At this

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Multiple DS18B20 Sensors on a single Raspberry PI

I had a need to connect multiple DS18B20 temperature sensors to a PI.  The breadboard route worked for a minute – until the cat tried using the hanging sensors as a trapeze. So, I broke out my best crayons and

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Windows 10 – Mount an NFS share

This works for Windows 10 Enterprise, can’t say about the other flavors. Go to: Yes, the old skool control panels. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features In the left column, click Turn Windows features on or off link Check

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Restrict a Domain User to a Specific Machine WS2008 R2

Open Server Manager Expand Active Directory Find the user, right click, select Properties Tap the Account tab Click the Log On To… button Add the machine names to the list

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Import Altium Footprints File Into Altium

If there is a zip file, unzip it. Start Altium Click the DXP menu and select Run Script Click the Browse button, select From File, and navigate to the unzipped archive Select the *.PrjScr file Click the UL_Form.Pas file Click