Reset a Honeywell 7580 118 barcode / QR / 2D scanner

I’ve found two different models of the 7580 scanners.   The older 118 (Rev A and B) and the newer 124 (Rev C).  This procedure was tested on the 118 (B) models. Where is the full model number?  Take a look or a picture of the sticker at the top of the imaging window.   The third line contains the scanner info:
Model: MS7580   October 2010  (B)   118   12VDC

This procedure:
Puts the scanner into configuration mode
Return all the settings to default
Enables high-speed USB keyboard emulation
Reset QR settings to default
Enable QR code scanning
Scan both normal and inverse QR codes.
Saves the settings

** You WILL need the 12V adapter if the scanner does not initialize. I used the adapter to ensure there was enough power to save the settings. **

0. Download and print the Honeywell ScanConfig barcode document. Fold the doc to isolate the barcodes. You can try to scan the screen, but that may not work.

1. Hook up the scanner. Plugin the 12 volt Ac adapter BEFORE the USB plug.

2. Wait for the scanner to initialize. When ready, the scanner will beep three times and the light around the button is steady blue.

3. While pressing the button, the “trigger” scan the first barcode. The scanner will have three fast beeps and the light will wag blue/white.

4. Scan the rest of the codes, each with a trigger pull. After the last scan is made, the scanner will beep three times and the light returns to a steady blue.

5. Unplug the USB and AC supply. Disconnect the AC from the cable.

6. Reconnect the scanner to the USB port – without the adapter. Windows Devices and Printers control panel should display a “Honeywell Scanning and Mobility Scanner” device.


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