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I’m looking for the Server 2.3.3 update from Oracle Anyone? TIA

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Delete the file by it’s inode. 12345 is the inode number returned in the ls command. $ su – Password: xxxxxxx # ls -il # find . -inum 12345 -exec rm -i {} \;

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This SunFile X4100 Server configured with BSD UNIX based NAS4Free, is a redundant file server with automatic fail-over and a self healing, practically incorruptible file system is for small businesses that require a high I/O and 100% data integrity.   …

SunFire High Availability ZFS File Server Read More »

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Disconnect Ethernet cable Remove boot thumb drive from back of X4100 Power on X4100 Insert NAS4Free DVD into X4100’s DVD drive Once at the Console Menu appears, reinsert boot thumb drive into X4100 Select option 9, Install/Upgrade from Live CD/LiveUSB …

[InProgress] Install/Upgrade NAS4Free on a Sun X4100 Server Read More »

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RJ-45 to DB-9 Adapter Crossovers Serial Port (RJ-45 Connector) DB-9 Adapter Cable Pin Signal Description Pin Pin Color 1 RTS 8 CTS Grn 2 DTR 6 DSR Grn/Wht 3 TXD 2 RXD Org 4 Signal Ground 5 Signal Ground Org/Wht …

Sun X4100 Serial MGT Port pinouts RJ-45 to DB-9 Read More »

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show /SYS/MB/CMP0/BR0/CH0/D# Targets: SEEPROM SERVICE PRSNT T_AMB Properties: type = DIMM component_state = Enabled fru_name = 4096MB DDR2 SDRAM FB-DIMM 333 (PC2 2600) fru_description = FBDIMM 4096 Mbyte fru_manufacturer = Samsung fru_version = FFFFFF fru_part_number = 501-7954-01 Rev 05 fru_serial_number …

Display Sun DIMM information Read More »

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set pendingipaddress=<ip_address> set pendingipdiscovery=static set pendingipnetmask= set pendingipgateway=<ip_address> set commitpending=true Post created by: David Gregory Medina

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ALOM: ILOM: diag_level /HOST/diag level diag_mode /HOST/diag mode diag_trigger /HOST/diag trigger diag_verbosity /HOST/diag verbosity if_connection /SP/services/ssh state if_emailalerts /SP/clients/smtp state if_network /SP/network state if_snmp /SP/services/snmp mgt_mailalert /SP/alertmgmt/rules mgt_mailhost /SP/clients/smtp address mgt_snmptraps /SP/sevices/snmp v1|v2c|v3 mgt_traphost /SP/alertmgmt/rules /SP/services/snmp port netsc_dhcp /SP/network pendingipdiscovery …

ALOM CMT Variable Comparison Read More »

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InfoDoc #: 209731 Power down the host system (using the front panel powerbutton) or if an SP admin account exists, you can alternatiely use that accounts ALOM Command Line Interface poweroff command. Unplug the system’s power cord(s) Remove the system’s …

How to reset the ILOM password Read More »

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ILOM ALOM CMT Command Comparison ILOM: set /SP/clock datetime=value value format: MMDDhhmmYYYY set /SP reset_to_defaults=all -> reset /SP This resets the SP set /SYS keyswitch_state=value value= normal, diag, stby, locked set target property=value set /SYS/LOCATE value= Fast_Blink or off set …

Sun X4100 M2 ILOM Cheat Sheet Read More »

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