Sun X4100 M2 ILOM Cheat Sheet

ILOM ALOM CMT Command Comparison

ILOM: set /SP/clock datetime=value

value format: MMDDhhmmYYYY

set /SP reset_to_defaults=all

-> reset /SP This resets the SP

set /SYS keyswitch_state=value

value= normal, diag, stby, locked

set target property=value
set /SYS/LOCATE value= Fast_Blink or off
set /SYS customer_frudata=data
show /HOST
show /SYS

( to view Serial Number )

show /SP/users
show /HOST
show /SYS keyswitch_state
show target property
show /HOST/diag
set /HOST/diag trigger=All-resets

none, normal, User-reset, Power-on-reset, Error-reset

show /SP/clock datetime
show /SP/logs/event/list
show /SP/faultmgmt
set /SP/logs/event clear=true
show -o table -level all /SYS
show /SP/network
set /SP/users/ password
set /SP/services/ssh restart_sshd_action=true
show /SP/users
create /SP/users/


Create “admin” create /SP/users/admin

set /SP/users/admin role=Administrator
set /SP/users/admin cli_mode=alom
delete /SP/users/
delete -script /SP/users/>username>
set /SP/users/password
set /SP/users/ role=permissions
start -force /SP/console
set /HOST send_break_action=break
set /HOST send_break_action=dumpcore
set /HOST/bootmode property=value

state=value “reset_nvram or normal”

script="setenv auto-boot? false"



load -source tftp://ipaddr/pathname
reset /SYS
reset -script /SYS
stop /SYS
stop -script /SYS
stop -force /SYS
start -force /SYS
stop /SYS
stop -script /SYS
stop -force /SYS
start /SYS
set /SYS/component clear_fault_action=true
set /SYS/PS0 prepare_to_remove_action=true
set /SYS/component component_state=enabled
set /SYS/component component_state=disabled

reset /SP
reset -script /SP
set /SP/users/ cli_mode=default or alom

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