TrailLife required fields

Description format
All descriptions MUST contain a Sanmar number and description, everything else is optional.

The left side is the Sanmar number and description followed by a <space><dash><space> . The Sanmar number MUST be first.
The right side is the color and size, preceeded by a <space><dash><space>. The color and size can be transposed.
If there are two <space><dash><space> fields, expect what’s between them to be ignored.

NOTE: Generic, opposed to custom items, like water bottles, flags, and patches only require a single Item Chit.  This is obtained by appending a “.gen” to the item’s description.

Full description: number, description, size, color
K540WOOD Woodlands Trail Dry-Blend Travel/Meeting Polo – Youth Medium (10/12) / Dark Green
SANMAR NUMBER <space> SANMAR DESCRIPTION <space><dash><space> SIZE <space><forward slash><space> COLOR

Full description: number, description, color, size
CP80 Twill Cap – Multiple Colors – Black / Adult
SANMAR NUMBER <space> SANMAR DESCRIPTION <space><dash><space> COLOR <space><forward slash><space> SIZE

Partial description: number, description
C830 Khaki Sandwich Bill Hat

Partial description: number, description, size
PC61WW Inaugural Black Walk Worthy T-shirt – X-Large
SANMAR NUMBER <space> SANMAR DESCRIPTION <space><dash><space> SIZE


Lineitem sku
These are in two formats, either inventory or non-inventory.

Inventory: category, description, cost
Category  <forward slash> order description <forward slash> price

Non-inventory: cost only
Inventory <forward slash> cost

Non-inventory: cost only

Non-inventory: description only

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