HOWTO: Nikon D100 Hot pixel fix with Q50ImageAdjust

This process is very simple and takes only a few minutes. we’ve performed the fix on several cameras without any problems.

  • This application will map out ALL the pixels if the directions aren’t followed.
  • This application works with the Nikon D100, we don’t know if it works with any other. Do so at your own risk. If you do try it on another camera and it works – or doesn’t drop us a line.
  • Perform this fix with the battery  at full charge and cover the lens and objective.
  • Download the Q50ImageAdjust software here.


1. Start the app. The app is designed a little screwy and the wording by a non-English speaking programmer.

2. Check the CCD defect compensation box. Click the Start button.


3. Turn the camera on and configure for manual exposure and manual focus. Click OK.


4. Connect the camera to the computer via USB. Click OK.


5. If the camera battery is fully charged, the AC adapter is not a requirement. Click OK.


6. Make sure the lens cap is properly fitted and the objective is covered. Click OK.


7. The camera will take three black pictures, and create a hot pixel list.


8. Click OK to write the mapped out list to the camera’s firmware.


9. I believe all is done at this point. Let the camera sit for a minute or two, make sure all data is transferred.



2 Comments on “HOWTO: Nikon D100 Hot pixel fix with Q50ImageAdjust

  1. This is so helpful thank you. I got to where I plugged in the camera and the top left turned green and gave the message working….then the top left box turned red with a NG and I got an error message in the comment box: ERROR NUMBER=4 USB: A device-less error. And a message saying “Do not disconnect the cable from camera”. What does this mean? Seems to me like the USB is not reading the camera.

    • Hey Mac.
      Does Windows see the camera? Check the Windows Device Manager (devmgmt.msc)
      Update your USB drivers. Drive Booster works great.
      Bad cable/camera port?

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