Install the Adafruit FT232 Python GPIO Library and libFTDI in Fedora 25 26 27

Adafruit has a great write up on using the FT232 breakout board with Linux.  Unfortunately, its not for our branch of Linux. Here’s how to get the FTDI and GPIO libraries installed on your machine.


Install libftdi

At this time, the GPIO library hasn’t been updated to accommodate the changes in libftdi 1.3 or greater.

# dnf update 
# dnf install libusb* swig cmake python-devel libconfuse-devel boost-devel
# wget
# bzip2 -d -v libftdi1-1.2.tar.bz2
# tar -xvf libftdi1-1.2.tar
# cd libftdi1-1.2
# make
# make install

Install the Adafruit FT232 Python GPIO Library

Download the GPIO Library here
# python install

Test the install

# python

>>> import Adafruit_GPIO
>>> import ftdi1

The interpreter shouldn’t complain. If it does, the corresponding library is not properly installed. Do it again.

>>> quit()

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