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Adafruit has a great write up on using the FT232 breakout board with Linux.  Unfortunately, its not for our branch of Linux. Here’s how to get the FTDI and GPIO libraries installed on your machine.   Install libftdi At this …

Install the Adafruit FT232 Python GPIO Library and libFTDI in Fedora 25 26 27 Read More »

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The Pros: It’s color and it looks good even at steep angles. Getting a simple Hello, World app running is trivial. It’s engine is a PIC18F26K20! Oh, the price is pretty darn good. Buy 500 units (~$1000) and they’ll tweak …

Digole 2.6 Serial DS320240CIPS-66T SPI LCD Display Library for the PIC18F2550 XC8 Read More »

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In order to use the peripheral libraries built into MPLAB X a switch must be set in the project properties. Right click project name from the Projects window and select Properties Second, navigate through the Categories [default] -> XC8 global …

Microchip MPLAB X XC8: Enable the Peripheral Library Read More »

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