Install Windows 7 Ultimate and PLE packages outline

Connect keyboard, mouse, monitor, ethernet and power cables.

Power on machine, tap the F12 key

Insert Windows 7 DVD, select DVD boot

Hit spacebar to boot from DVD

Select Advanced setup -> Delete all drive partitions

Admin pw: xxxxx

name: dennis

password: xxxxx


While Windows is loading, you have a few minutes.

on your PC, go to, lookup the drivers for this particular machine. You’ll see multiple’s. Get them all.





Copy all the drivers to the thumbdrive, eject thumb drive from you machine


Eject Windows DVD, insert thumbdrive

Install PowerISO

Install the drivers you downloaded. Network is the most important. Check the Device Manager for missing drivers, sometimes the look for drivers on the web works.



From thumbdrive, right click Office 2010 ISO, select PowerISO->Mount Image to Drive E:

<Image mounts as CDROM in My Computer>

Open CD

Double click autorun

Click Install Office 2010

Custom Install:

Disable Onenote, Infopath, Publisher


While this is installing, Open Microsoft Explorer and download .NET 4 Installer

Download and install Firefox

Download and install Microsoft Security Essentials – AMD64 not x86.

Do not join the program

Do not send samples


Install Computer icon on desktop Right click desktop, select Personalize, click change desktop icons. Remove Power & Firefox icons from desktop, empty trash.


Remount Office CD

double click autorun



From the Control Panel, run Windows Update. Istall all updates except language packs and Bing Desktop. It will take multiple reboots to get everything to take. Try installling twice before a reboot.


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