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A couple of customers have a few of the Rev A DNS323 Arrays as backup drives. Unfortunately, the Rev A and Rev B arrays don’t automatically boot after a power failure.  It’s rumored the Rev B guys can use the Alt-F …

Automatically Turn On A D‑Link DNS‑323 After Power Failure Read More »

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This works with thumb, SD, microSD, SSDs, and hard drives. UNIX was intentionally written to use terse commands “ls”, “su”, “cd”… So, why the F do I want to type “sudo ” before every root command on my personal machine? …

Enable and Disable Thumb Drive Write Protection Read More »

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Warning! This is a destructive test! Badblock utility writes a value to the drive, reads it back, and compares the two. Where X is the drive letter: a,b,c,d sudo badblocks -wvs /dev/sdX To test a particular partition, X is the …

[HOWTO] Test a hard drive, SDD, or thumbdrive for bad blocks Read More »

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