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Automatically Turn On A D‑Link DNS‑323 After Power Failure

A couple of customers have a few of the Rev A DNS323 Arrays as backup drives. Unfortunately, the Rev A and Rev B arrays don’t automatically boot after a power failure.  It’s rumored the Rev B guys can use the Alt-F

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Enable and Disable Thumb Drive Write Protection

This works with thumb, SD, microSD, SSDs, and hard drives. UNIX was intentionally written to use terse commands “ls”, “su”, “cd”… So, why the F do I want to type “sudo ” before every root command on my personal machine?

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[HOWTO] Test a hard drive, SDD, or thumbdrive for bad blocks

Warning! This is a destructive test! Badblock utility writes a value to the drive, reads it back, and compares the two. Where X is the drive letter: a,b,c,d sudo badblocks -wvs /dev/sdX To test a particular partition, X is the

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