Automatically Turn On A D‑Link DNS‑323 After Power Failure

A couple of customers have a few of the Rev A DNS323 Arrays as backup drives. Unfortunately, the Rev A and Rev B arrays don’t automatically boot after a power failure.  It’s rumored the Rev B guys can use the Alt-F firmware to auto power on their boxes. The solution is a hardware modification which obviously simulates a button press after a few seconds after being powered. There are a couple of circuits floating around the net with PTH 556 timers soldered onto boards and they work well but are a PITA to wire.

I tried a variation of the 556, and it was large and ugly. Nothing I’d give to a customer even if it was hidden in the case.

Once again, I broke out the sharpest box of crayons and laid out a PCB with a programmable microcontroller and a couple of support components.

I’m not sure if they will work with the Rev B hardware or not.  If you have a Rev B unit and are willing to be without it for a week or so, I’ll give you a board.

Since it’s a programmable microcontroller, the board can be re-purposed.  It can drive up to 100mA before letting the smoke out of the transistor.

If you’re interested in a board I have a couple of them available. Populated, programmed, tested.


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