Month: November 2013

By default, when hidden, a few of the bottom thumbnail bar lines remain visible. This is annoying when using an operating system with a menu bar at the top of the screen. Do completely hide the window: Edit->Preferences Display tab

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Connect keyboard, mouse, monitor, ethernet and power cables. Power on machine, tap the F12 key Insert Windows 7 DVD, select DVD boot Hit spacebar to boot from DVD Select Advanced setup -> Delete all drive partitions Admin pw: xxxxx name:

This SunFile X4100 Server configured with BSD UNIX based NAS4Free, is a redundant file server with automatic fail-over and a self healing, practically incorruptible file system is for small businesses that require a high I/O and 100% data integrity.  

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Disconnect Ethernet cable Remove boot thumb drive from back of X4100 Power on X4100 Insert NAS4Free DVD into X4100’s DVD drive Once at the Console Menu appears, reinsert boot thumb drive into X4100 Select option 9, Install/Upgrade from Live CD/LiveUSB

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This system comprises of: two Sun X4100 M2 servers USB boot drive with Embedded NAS4Free. nfe0 (NET0) is assigned the LAN port, connected to a gigabit switch nfe1 (NET1) is assigned the OPT1 (renamed CARP) port, connected via crossover cable

Switch up to root su – Password: xxxxx Get partition UUID from gparted or the device tree. Select the drive and highlight the partition, right click, select Information, ex: ebd47bb4-8912-4688-a8e8-f895ac27fdd6 gparted & or ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid Add the UUID to

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By default window focus is set to ‘click’ where a user must click in a window to gain it’s focus. This is far from optimal. Switch up to root su – Password: xxxx Install dconf-config, and editor. yum -y install

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This is right from NAS4Free’s site. A gem. Description This tutorial is meant for the Windows user who wants to install NAS4Free embedded/LiveUSB to USB stick / CF card. Before we start, we will need the following utilities : –

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Warning! This is a destructive test! Badblock utility writes a value to the drive, reads it back, and compares the two. Where X is the drive letter: a,b,c,d sudo badblocks -wvs /dev/sdX To test a particular partition, X is the

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Switch up to root su – Password: xxxxx Installl the software, make a directory, set permissions yum -y install samba samba-client mkdir /home/share chmod 777 /home/share Modify samba configuration file vi /etc/samba/smb.conf line 66g: add unix charset = UTF-8 dos

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